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Trees can add a lot to a property. In addition to providing much-needed shade in outdoor spaces, they can also help reduce your indoor energy costs. They also just add character and attractiveness to a property, making them an indispensable part of your home or commercial space. Here’s a closer look at our tree services:

  • Tree removal: Whether it’s the result of a storm or the effects of age or disease, you’ll likely find yourself needing tree removal if you own your property long enough. 

  • Tree trimming: In order to keep your trees under control, occasional tree trimming  is necessary for appearance and safety. Avoid the inconvenience of out-of-control trees overtaking your structures and parking areas.

  • Pruning: Young trees can benefit from the skilled services of a team of tree care professionals, who can provide pruning services to help your trees develop attractive shapes and stronger branches. 

  • Crown cleaning: Their crown cleaning services can help your tree avoid weather damage, pests and disease. They remove dead wood and work with crossing or rubbing branches to open the canopy.

  • Tree and palm service: You need a tree care specialist with a strong understanding of the different varieties and the skill to care for each variety properly. They will clean up old fronds and seed heads and make your palm trees as healthy and attractive as possible.


Landscaping: Residential & Commercial Services

Keeping a nicely-maintained lawn is such a high priority for so many homeowners and businesses, regardless of the size of their lawn. At 2 White Guys Landscaping, they understand how important a nice-looking, well-kept lawn can be, which is why they’re committed to providing top quality lawn care and landscaping services in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s a look at what they can do for their residential and commercial clients:

  • Lawn care: From mowing and edging to planting grass and keeping a lawn well-fertilized, the energy that goes into lawn maintenance. 

  • Yard maintenance: Provide scheduled yard maintenance and lawn care services on a rotation that meets your needs and budget.

  • Sprinkler repair and installations: When your sprinkler system isn’t working properly, they can provide first-rate sprinkler repair at competitive rates.

  • Emergency services: 2 White Guys Landscaping offers 24-hour emergency sprinkler services.

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